Relying on Willpower is a Recipe for Failure

Relying on Willpower is a Recipe for Failure

Willpower it too overrated.

You hear everybody talking about willpower this and willpower that.

While it’s true that having a strong willpower is directly correlated to success,

The one true thing about it is: willpower is finite.

No matter how strong of will you may have. It will come to an end.

And if you’ve totally build your life around it. It will fail you.

You may start to binge eat. Pick up bad habits. Skip workouts, etc.


You don’t hear a lot of fitness experts and people in the self-improvement space talking about it.

You know why? Because it’s not sexy. It’s boring.


Latest discoveries in neuroscience proves that willpower reaches its highest peak in the morning,

But then goes down to zero at night.


So you might be thinking: “am I doomed for life?”

If you’re trying to lose weight, get in top shape, build muscle or even do anything great in other areas of your life…. This might scare you.

You don’t need to panic. I believe you should feel relieved.  

Because the only way to get around willpower is to structure your life where you don’t need to use that willpower.

  1. Follow a nutrition routine that goes with how our human brain works not against it.
  2. Make it an automatic habit to go to the gym.
  3. Do hard things early in the morning. Leave the night for fun and relaxation.
  4. Keep everything you don’t want out of sight. As the saying goes “out of sight, out of mind”. It includes sweets, Tiktok, and even the news.


Keep Pushing,

Yazan Muqbel