Mainstream Fitness Advice is BS

Mainstream fitness advice is BS -

Four years ago, I made the life-altering decision to transform my body and regain my vitality. Despite being in my twenties, years of leading a sedentary lifestyle had left me feeling like a shadow of my former self—depressed, low on energy, and utterly lost. Determined to turn my life around, I decided to go ALL-IN.

As a complete newbie, I turned to the so-called "experts" on YouTube and Instagram, eagerly devouring their mainstream fitness advice. I religiously followed their instructions: hitting the gym five to six days a week, munching on chicken breast and broccoli from a Tupperware container, and meticulously tracking my macros with four to five meals per day.

I was just a regular guy who wanted to get strong and fit and get my energy levels back. That obsession over getting fed 4-5 times per day turned me into a robot. I hated it, but kept listening to the experts.

The notorious bodybuilder's favorite meal- chicken breast and broccoli

After a few months of unwavering commitment, I started noticing some progress—I was gaining muscle and getting stronger. However, beneath the surface, things were far from ideal. I felt bloated, lacking the chiseled physique and definition I had always envisioned. My energy levels were plummeting, and worse still, I seemed to be gaining more fat than muscle.

putting a lot of fat instead of learn muscle

The truth was, I never aspired to achieve that "fat face" bloated look.

From my earliest years, I had idolized the sculpted physiques of Tarzan and Rocky. I yearned to be strong, possess proportionate muscles, and resemble a statue carved by Michelangelo.

Greek statue

Tarzan, to me, epitomized true physical greatness—a physique that turned heads, commanded admiration from women, and earned the respect of men.

Tarazan's physique

Little did I know that the very advice I trusted, the guidance of these "experts," was leading me astray from my dreams. Frustration consumed me. The "cutting diets" they recommended seemed extreme and demanded an otherworldly level of willpower.

Deep within, I sensed that something was missing, a secret the experts were unwilling to divulge. So, I embarked on a relentless quest for answers. And what I discovered was eye-opening. I learned that achieving true fitness and optimal health requires more than just macros and relentless gym sessions.

The secret I uncovered lay in a combination of factors: training smart to stimulate muscle growth without overdoing it, optimizing the male hormone naturally, following nutrition protocols that align with our brain's needs rather than against them, and most importantly, living a fulfilling life beyond the confines of the gym. Those who become slaves to the iron temple are destined to lose out on life's purpose.

strong and lean physique

Perhaps it was a stroke of luck or the relentless persistence within me, but I finally cracked the code to attaining peak physical shape, radiating energy, and leading a complete life outside the gym. It was a revelation that shattered the illusion perpetuated by the fitness industry. Fellow seekers of truth, beware of blindly following the mainstream current.

Swimming upstream, against the tide of conventional fitness wisdom, was undoubtedly daunting. Yet, as I embraced this rebellious path, I rediscovered my true power—the power to transform my body, reignite my energy, and defy the limitations imposed upon me by misguided advice.

My personal journey serves as a testament to the emotional depths and struggles one encounters when faced with low energy and a desire for change. It is a reminder that the path to true physical greatness lies in questioning the status quo and seeking out unconventional wisdom.

So, my friends, let us reject the misleading mainstream fitness advice. Let us reclaim our bodies, minds, and souls from the clutches of conformity. Embrace the adventure of swimming upstream, and together, let us redefine what it means to live a life of strength, and vitality.


Keep pushing,

Yazan Muqbel